Simple Process Designed To Benefit You

1. Market Evaluation

We know how to give your home the value it truly deserves. With our tips, you might even be able to add a few thousand to your home’s value!

2. Home listing With Network of Brokers

Our state-wide network of brokers means you’ll reach a large number of qualified buyers in a matter of days! We get you big offer, and we get them fast.

3. Offer

Value is important, and in some cases so is speed. We listen to your needs and get you what you want. Getting an offer never felt so good!

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  • Our home was on the market for a whole year and we were considering accepting less money, that’s before Shore Capital showed up. They told us not to bring our list price down and got us a juicy offer within the first month. We’re glad we met them!

    John Doe via Google Review

  • Everyone kept telling us not to sell, that it would be a nightmare. Shore Capital puts their money where the mouth is. Their process was a breeze and they truly listened to our needs. We got three amazing offers and were able to get the upgrade we’ve always wanted.

    Jane Doe via Google Review

A Word From Our CEO and Founder

“We don’t just sell homes… we help individuals get closer to their dreams. Your home was the single most important purchase in your life, make sure you get what you deserve. That’s what we’re here for. To make this process as dreamy as possible for you.”

Andre Lujan

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We Focus On These 4 Fundamental Factors

Getting the highest value for your home

Doing so quickly and efficiently

Providing an enjoyable process

Insuring a stress-free experience

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